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Comrade SS
• 4/12/2015


Hey guys.

I'm here to bring you updates on the administration and a little changes.

  1. Dragonballgtgoku has been promoted to assistant
  2. The sitename has changed to "Minecraft Network"
  3. Auron~Guardian and Nicko756 are our 2 "coders" on this wiki. Feel free to ask them if you have any coding issues!
  4. There is a new assistant user group. Please click the link for more info on the new user group.
  5. There are new request pages if you want powers
  6. If you want assistant powers, a bureaucrat would issue it to you when you meet the requirements or you just earn it (no bragging allowed) - same with rollback.
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Comrade SS
• 4/12/2015

Congrats to all new in the administration! 

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